Moving and Catching up

Moving is a lot of work! All our previous moves have been military, the easy way to move. They send a crew of packers out one day to pack out the entire house then send a moving company on another day  to load it all up on a truck and badda bing badda boom your done, easy peasy and all thats left to do is clean the empty space. This time however the move is all on us and it feels like it will never end. As I write this I am sitting in an almost empty house and I am taking a break from taking down old wallpaper and prepping walls for new paint. We won't be fully and completely done with this move until July. Needless to say it has been difficult to keep up with this blog in the process but I have been able to steal a few moments here and there to work on my pin keeps however I am still behind on them.   The last one I posted was January, I did finish the one for February and posted it on my FB page but didn't have the time to write the blog post so here it is below.
I am almost finished March's Pinkeep so I will hopefully get that one posted this week. Then I have to catch up April and May so if all goes well I will be caught up by the end of May.

This move is different in every way from all our other moves not just the packing out and loading up part but the biggest thing is we don't have a house to move to. What we are doing is living out of a large camper off the grid until we build the house of our dreams. The off the grid part is part of the reason keeping up with this blog has been difficult, no power means no internet and the cell service is pretty much non existent in the location we chose to move to so it makes things a bit more challenging. I must say though that being up on that mountain is so peaceful I don't really miss all the electronic age stuff because spending less time online means more time to be creative, at least when this moving process is finished.

I will post more about the move and crafting later but for now I have to get back to work.
Thanks for reading and please let me know you stopped by.

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