Cute As A Button

This is my newly finished  pincushion for the month of March, yes I am still behind and playing catch up but isn't this one a cutie? The black fabric on the far left that was in my kit had yellow and red patterns on it, you can see a bit of it there but the white circle dots were all yellow and I used cream colored DMC floss to make tiny little french knots and I think that looks much better. None of the embellishments come in the kit, just the wools and fabrics for the front and back. I like that because it forces me to be more creative by using up what I already have in my large stash of random stuff, like buttons and bits of ribbons to small for larger projects and beads like the one I used for the crows eye. The threads or DMC floss I have to supply can be tricky sometime because I never know what color the fabric in the kit is going to be until it arrives but so far I have not been forced to go shopping for a matching color, did I mention I have a really large stash? I haven't always used the recommened color but I think they have matched up close enough so far.

That's it for this post, thanks for reading and watch for April's pin cushion coming up next time.

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