The Twelve Months of Smocked Christmas Ornaments (Jan.)

This year I am going to make one Smocked Christmas Ornament each month until December. I will use the same pattern for each ornament but challenge myself to make each ornament different by making variations in bead placement, fabric and thread choice, as well as using different final finishing techniques. The ornament pictured above is my first ornament for this series. The pattern is from SAGA and can be found here . When you get to the web site you will find the instructions on the right hand side by clicking on a photo of a pine bow with the words "Smock a Long instructions" printed on it, this is a pdf file and if you also follow their blog link, (listed on their site), you will find photos of each step.

I am a member of their Facebook group for the smock a long and I am amazed at how many different ways this one pattern was used to create beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, no two were alike and that is the inspiration behind this series of blog posts. So I hope that you will enjoy these posts and that someone out there reading them will also be inspired.

Thanks for reading and happy smocking!

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