Another Busy Year Over

Well I am really bad at this blogging stuff, at posting new material anyway. My last post was in Jan of this year and here it is Dec 31st  already so that is only 2 posts for this year including this one, that's horrible but I suppose thats why I don't have any readers either, LOL! This year has been a very busy one but I am not going to use being busy as an excuse for not posting because hey, lets face it, we are all busy right? I also won't use the excuse that I was living off the grid for 4 months of this year without internet service because in all honesty I still had occasional cell service and could have updated through the blogger app I have on my phone so that is why I just said I am really bad at this blogging stuff, LOL. I am also not going to promise to be better at posting in the new year because I have made that promise before and it didn't work so, I'm being honest here. You will either like the occasional read or your won't, either way is fine with me and up to you. So on with this post…..

In picking up where I left off I had a wonderful time at Notforgotten farm. I totally drove there in the wrong car, should have taken the truck. My Beemer z-4 didn't like the bumpy dirt road so I had to go really slow. When I got there I was greeted by the most enormous Great Pyrenees I have ever seen, he was nearly the size of my car and that is no lie and he was also the most friendly. I was very sad to hear of his passing a few short months later due to an illness but it was such an honor to meet this gentle giant. It was January so it was cold and when I went into the shop it was toasty warm by way of a small wood stove, very cozy and inviting. I went there to learn how to make a traditional hooked rug so I walked around the store for a bit till I found the right pattern. Choosing was very hard because the shop is filled with so many beautiful patterns. I wound up getting two actually, one was just a pattern printed on linen and the other was a kit with the wool already cut and ready to go so the only other thing I needed was the right hook so I picked up one of those too. I had a wonderful day sitting around the table having hot cocoa, making new crafting friends while learning a new craft, I'm "hooked" hee hee hee. Do to traveling this year I have not had a chance to get back there yet but I will soon.

This year I also learned how to smock and did some heirloom sewing in that process. I have made 4 ornaments and one smocked Bishop dress and matching bonnet. This of course also meant buying more equipment I didn't already have like a shaping board and smocking pleater but hay and artist can't have too many supplies right? I only have a few crafts left on my to learn list, it's kind of like a bucket list I guess. Left on the list is bobbin lace making, tatting, and weaving on a floor loom oh and stained glass window making, almost forgot about that one and its not unlike me to add more to this list as I cross off.

In other news our family has purchased some acreage in the Smoky Mountain foothills of TN, that is where the off the grid living comes in. Its raw land so there is a lot of work to do there. In our last trip there we did get power lines underground run all the way to the top, about a 1/2 mile, where the house site is going to be, that took a week because we did all the digging ourselves with the help of a rented track hoe, two actually, we quickly learned the first one was too small so we had to get a bigger one. We moved our 5th wheel camper to the top so it now has power that until then was running off a gas generator which meant frequent long drives into town to get gas. Because the current road is still a primitive one and too muddy to drive heavy trucks on without getting stuck we have to park the vehicles at the bottom and 4-wheel up to the top which makes it interesting for hauling the groceries back from the store. There isn't a clean spot on the 4-wheeler and I have been hit in the back of the head a few times with flying mud while driving it so I have to have a change of clothes, one for mud and one clean set for shopping in town. No water source yet, that is on the to do list for our next trip, getting a well dug and septic, up to this point we have been trucking in water using a tractor to get the water tank up to the top, making lots of memories there. We have discovered that we have coyotes and bear, also lots of wild turkey and dear. This year I am trying my hand at making my first Buck Skin from a deer Nate shot while we were there, I'm not going to show pics up to its current state cause it is pretty gross and messy and might turn some stomaches so I'll spare you all the gory details there. Also apparently it doesn't snow much there, just rains and that's why all the mud so Nate and I had a little fun one day having a mud ball fight, we were already muddy anyway and he threw first sooooo, sorry no pics of that.

Anyway back to fiber stuff! The plans for our new property include a studio for me!!! Yay, I am so excited about this and so should you because that also means you can come and visit and bring your fiber crafts with you and there will be plenty of room! I may also start teaching some fiber classes, the possibilities are endless!!

View from where the house will be
I hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and that you all have a happy and healthy fibery new year!

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